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For those considering voting Green in the 2010 Federal Election, you can see the Australian Greens policies at: http://greens.org.au/policies

Checking the Economics policies, these are a selection of them:

Increase the company tax rate to 33%

Abolishing the 30% Private Health Insurance Rebate in order to increase funding for public hospitals, and move more people from Private hospitals back to Public Hospitals.

Introduce a new top marginal tax rate of 50 per cent on incomes of $1 million or over, to persuade more of the richer people to move to lower taxation countries, or to get involved in more negative gearing schemes

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Those are the measures that may concern some people, but there are other measures that seem good and some that may need re-thinking.

If you are considering voting Green, and you haven’t looked at all the policies, do so now.

More at: http://greens.org.au/policies/sustainable-economy/economics

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