Politics and the Greens Political Policies

For those considering voting Green in the 2010 Federal Election, you can see the Australian Greens policies at: http://greens.org.au/policies

Checking the Economics policies, these are a selection of them:

Increase the company tax rate to 33%

Abolishing the 30% Private Health Insurance Rebate in order to increase funding for public hospitals, and move more people from Private hospitals back to Public Hospitals.

Introduce a new top marginal tax rate of 50 per cent on incomes of $1 million or over, to persuade more of the richer people to move to lower taxation countries, or to get involved in more negative gearing schemes

Those are the measures that may concern some people, but there are other measures that seem good and some that may need re-thinking.

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If you are considering voting Green, and you haven’t looked at all the policies, do so now.

More at: http://greens.org.au/policies/sustainable-economy/economics

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