Power Mate Meter

The Power Mate meter is a gadget to help us check how much power is being consumed.

Power Mate MeterYou plug the unit between the power point and the appliance that you want to check the electric power consumption of.

There are various read-out options, but I tend to use the Dollar Value one.

An example is my current study set up with PC system, Internet and Phones.

The current display reading shows 0.4389, and when I press the + button it says 293.32, the – button shows 73.31 and the green “enter” button shows 0.0335.

That all means:

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  • The annual cost of this set up is: $293.32
  • The quarterly cost is $73.31
  • The hourly cost is 3.35 cents

The .4389 figure states the actual cost since I set this up, which was 13 hours 8 minutes and 05 seconds ago. Using the mode key, I can check that as well.
The electricity cost rate is 20.21 cents per kWh.

It is a handy gadget, but I just saw the price… $295.00

I borrow this one, every so often from the local library, free of charge, for 4 weeks at a time.


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