QLD Driving Test and Driver Licence Fees 2019

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QLD Driving Test and Driver Licence Fees.

Driving Test and Driver Licence Fees in Queensland.  These are often updated annually, and normally at the beginning of July.

Driving Test fees in Queensland.

Fee per Test

$25.30 Written road rules (Knowledge) test or PrepL test.
$59.20 Practical driving test
$19.75 Hazard perception test

Driver Licence Fees in Queensland.

Cost per Licence:

QLD Learner licence cost.

3 years learner licence $175.80. This includes one free Keys2Drive driving lesson.

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QLD Open Licences (Full Licence) cost.

1 year driver licence $80.70
2 year driver licence $112.50
3 year driver licence $139.20
4 year driver licence $161.05
5 year driver licence $180.70

Effective 1 July 2019.

Example of Queensland Driver Licence.

Driver Licence QLD



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