Criminal Convictions and Visa Applications

Declare ALL Criminal Convictions on any Visa Applications.

Australian Immigration requirements include the fact that you must declare ALL Criminal Convictions in your Visa Application.

Yes, ALL convictions and penalties, must be declared.

Many convictions and penalties will not affect a Visa Application.
But not declaring it, or effectively lying about it, shows bad character, and that can cause a Visa Refusal

An actual example of this can be shown with a driving conviction, discussed in the Irish Times in 2018.

An Irish man was convicted of a minor driving offence (driving without tax and insurance), in Ireland in 2013.
It was not declared on his application for an Australian working holiday visa. He got that visa, (the 417) as they do not check all of those.
He later applied for a Temporary Skills Shortage visa, and that visa requires a compulsory Police Report from Ireland.
His conviction would be revealed to Australian Immigration, and they would see that he lied in his 2013 application.

Answering a question incorrectly or omitting information on a visa application can have dire consequences. A minor driving offence would not be enough to refuse a visa application, but lying about it can be.

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The recommendation on this was: If you have ever had any fines or tickets or been to court, even for a minor offence, always get your police report done first before applying for a visa, and check if there is anything on it.

I would say “declare it anyway”, and avoid a complication of being considered a lier.

This is from the Australian Immigration website page:

Character requirements for visas.

Immigration Declare all Criminal History

A Visa Applicant who provides misleading information or submits fraudulent documents could now face a ten-year exclusion period before they can lodge another visa application.

This period used to be 12 months, but has been extended to 10 years under the Migration Legislation Amendment (2017 Measures No. 4) Regulations 2017.

There’s always been a 12-month ban to those who’ve provided false information and fake documents, but it has now been extended to 10 years. The ban also applies to information and documents provided with visa applications which were later withdrawn.

Partner Visa Application form: Questions on Convictions or Offences.

47SP Partner Visa Application.
Q72: Have you been convicted of an offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)?

40SP: Sponsor Form for Partner Visa.
Q40: Have you ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)?

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