Queensland $200 Utility Bill Rebate

The Household Utility Assistance Package.

  • The $50 Asset Ownership Dividend, plus
  • Another $50 towards your Electricity costs,  plus
  • $100 towards your water costs.
  • This totals $200

The Queensland Government is providing a $300 Million Household Utility Assistance Package to all Queenslanders during the Covid-19 crisis.

This is in addition to the Government’s Asset Ownership Dividend package, worth $100 million, and will see households receive a $200 utility payment to assist with electricity and water bills this year.

Q. What makes up the household utility payment?

  • The $200 (combined) utility payment builds on the previously announced $50 Asset Ownership Dividend and will see households receive another $50 in electricity bill relief (bringing it to a total of $100 in electricity bill relief), and a further $100 towards water bills this year.

Q. How will people receive the payment?

  • The entire $200 utility rebate – for both electricity and water costs – will be provided through the household electricity bill.

This is the simplest way to get this money to Queensland households as quickly as possible.

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Q. Do people have to do anything?

  • No. The amount will be automatically applied to your bill.


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