Retail Sales Assistant Jobs in Australia

Retail Sales Assistants in Australia.

Most retail sales jobs will start at or near the Australian Minimum wage, which is $19.49 per hour for the 2019/20 year.
It is very common for these jobs to start off as part time and/or casual, with new full time positions not as common.  About 50% of retail jobs are classed as part time.

Salary for Retail Sales Assistant.

The most common salary in Australia for a full time Retail Sales Assistant is between $45k and $55k, based on 2019 figures.

It does vary between the different states and territories, with these current averages.

  • NT between $50k and $60k
  • ACT between $45k and $55k
  • NSW between $45k and $55k
  • SA between $45k and $55k
  • TAS between $45k and $55k
  • WA between $45k and $55k
  • QLD between $40k and $50k
  • VIC between $40k and $50k


Note: A 38 hour week, at the minimum wage of $19.49 per hour, would equal about $38,500 for 52 weeks.
An employee would normally work a maximum of 38 hours in a week unless an employer asks them to work reasonable extra hours. (

Qualifications for Retail Sales Assistant.

Formal qualifications are not normally required to work as a Retail Sales Assistant in Australia.
However, a suitable qualification may assist in getting a job, where you may be competing with many other applicants.

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Training Courses for Retail Sales Assistant.

SIR20216 – Certificate II in Retail Services…/SIR20216

SIR30216 – Certificate III in Retail…/SIR30216

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