PMV to 801 Grants in 2019

Processing Times for subclass 801 Grants via PMV 300 Route.

The following processing times are examples of subclass 801 grants, where the applicant began the process with a PMV subclass 300 visa, and received the 801 Permanent Resident visa grant in 2019.

The processing time is calculated from the application date of the PMV subclass 300 visa to the date of the subclass 801 grant.

2019 subclass 801 Grant processing times from PMV applications.

31 months from ?
37 months from Germany
42 months from Israel.
44 months from Philippines.
45 months from USA.
45 months from Malaysia.
45 months from Iran.
46 months from Malaysia.
46 months from Philippines.
46 months from Philippines.
47 months from UK.
47 months from ?
47 months from USA.
48 months from ?
51 months from Germany.
51 months from Vietnam.
52 months from Cameroon.
54 months from Germany.
55 months from Vietnam.
55 months from Ireland.
58 months from Philippines.
60 months from Vietnam.
63 months from Philippines.

Some nationalities are not stated as not enough information was available at the time.

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