Does a Permanent Resident of Australia need a Foreign Passport?

Do Australian PR’s need to Renew their Foreign Passports?.

The question seems self explanatory,  as most people assume that they need to have a valid passport while in a foreign country.

But do they?

I am pretty sure that some countries would insist on anyone in their country having a valid passport.  After all, a visa is normally attached to a person’s passport.

But,  does Australia?

I have read on various forums that a valid foreign passport is NOT needed, for an Australian Permanent Resident visa holder, while inside Australia.

Also,  from my personal experience, I did not hold any passport for 4 years, before I applied for my Australian Citizenship.
I even explained that I was applying for Australian Citizenship as my other passport had expired, when I asked about faster processing, for Citizenship and Australian Passport,  so I could travel.  It was not an issue at that time.

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