Single Country Trade Dependency.

Many countries specialise in certain products or groups of products, this can create a situation of dependency on, or for, some countries.

China wants to break dependency on Australia for iron ore.

China – which imports 60 per cent of its iron ore from Australia – is looking at sourcing supplies of this steel-making material from other countries.

The World wants to break dependency on China for Plastic products.

Many people around the world agree with China in wanting to avoid being dependent on one single country, and are now looking at countries, other than China, to supply them with plastic products.

The World wants to break dependency on China for Clothing products.

Most of the clothing and footwear in Australian stores is made overseas in countries such as China, but there is a growing push to revive manufacturing in Australia, according to Angela Bell, the national manager of Ethical Clothing Australia. Some people are also looking at increased purchasing from India and Bangladesh, amongst other countries.

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