Some Cat Food Brands may cause Severe illness

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Can Cat Food cause illness in Cats?.

The Australian Veterinary Journal has recently published a study, carried out at the University of Sydney, on 20 pet food products from pet stores and supermarkets.

Eight products did not adhere to the standards in regards to nutrient content for adult cats because they had too much, or too little, protein and fat.

The study found some of these products could cause lameness, diabetes, obesity or anaemia.

Neither the authors of the study, the University or the Australian Veterinary Journal would release the names of the offending brands of pet food.

However, Anne Jackson, the editor of the Australian Veterinary Journal, stated that the study cannot be relied upon”.

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I woinder why they published something that they say cannot be relied on?

Eight products did not adhere to the standards ?
But we could be wrong ??

Sounds a pretty useless study to me…

I’d be avoiding the pet food companies; Hills and Royal Canin, mentioned in reports regarding this issue.

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