Drink Driving Results Easter 2016 Queensland

Queensland Drink Driving Breath Test Results Easter 2016.

Summary of Drink Driving Breath Test Results during the five-day Easter 2016 operation:
Thursday March 24 to midnight March 28.

At end of Sunday 27th March 2016

5 Day Easter 2016 Total: 76,101 RBT’s performed with 358 Drink Driving Positives = 4.70 per 1,000 drivers
5 Day Easter 2015 Total: 97,141 RBT’s performed with 361 Drink Driving Positives = 3.72 per 1,000 drivers

Daily Figures The daily quoted figures did not add up to the cumulative totals and are now disregarded

Thursday 24th March 2016

11,303 Random Breath Tests performed (RBT)
58 Drink Driving Positives = 0.513%
That is 5.1 drunk drivers in every 1,000 tested.

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Friday 25th March 2016

12,329 Random Breath Tests performed (RBT)
72 Drink Driving Positives = 0.584%
That is 5.8 drunk drivers in every 1,000 tested.

Saturday 26th March 2016

8,817 Random Breath Tests performed (RBT) (This figure is questionable)
73 Drink Driving Positives = 0.828% (This figure is questionable)
That is 8.3 drunk drivers in every 1,000 tested. (This figure is questionable)

Sunday 27th March 2016

xxx Random Breath Tests performed (RBT)
xx Drink Driving Positives = 0.xxx%
That is x drunk drivers in every 1,000 tested.

Cumulative 2016 Total:

Still to be updated for Saturday 26th after checking..

23,632 Random Breath Tests performed (RBT)
130 Drink Driving Positives = 0.550%
That is 5.5 drunk drivers in every 1,000 tested.

RBT = Random Breath Tests


These statistics are preliminary figures supplied by the Queensland Police Service, and are subject to changes.

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