Southern Phone Company, Australia

Who is the Southern Phone Company?.

Southern Phone Company is one of the largest and most successful providers of fixed line, mobile and Internet communications services in regional Australia.

Formed in 2002 with $4.77 million in funding from the Australian Government’s Networking the Nation scheme.

Only Australian Local Government Councils can hold shares in Southern Phone Company Ltd.
Dividends are paid to Local Government shareholders for the benefit of their local communities.

Who owns Southern Phone?.

Southern Phone Company Ltd is an unlisted public company and only Local Councils can be shareholders.
This means all profits are returned to the community through the Local Councils.
No individuals may own shares in the Company.

What does Southern Phone offer?.

Great value phone and Internet plans include:

  • $22 SIM Plan: This plan offers 7GB data and Unlimited Talk & Text on the powerful Optus 4G Network.
  • $70 NBN Plan: Unlimited data, Turbo Speed (NBN50) and no lock-in contract for only $70/month.
  • 250GB Mobile Broadband: Bypass the NBN with mobile broadband. Get 250GB data for only $110 a month.
  • plus more…  (current at October 2019)

Why consider Southern Phone?.

Southern Phone offers Great value phone and Internet plans, with all profits returned to the community through the Local Councils.

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