Immigration: Natural Justice letter s57

What is a Natural Justice letter s57?.

A Natural Justice letter (S57) is an ‘Invitation to Comment on Information‘ letter, sent to those whose information differs from that which the department holds.

This information may be regarding previous visa applications, with different information to a current application, missing visa refusal details in the current application, or many other possible irregularities.

The immigration officer may be concerned that the applicant has provided fraudulent documents or information in the visa application, but is giving the applicant the chance to explain the actual situation.

You reply is required to satisfy them as to why it differs, before they finalise a decision on a visa application.

No reply from the applicant, to this request within the required time, would logically end with a visa refusal.

A suitable reply, with a good explanation for the difference in information, could move the visa application process closer towards a grant.

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When relevant information that the Minister considers would be the reason, or part of the reason, for refusing to grant a visa, Section 57 of the Migration Act states:

The Minister must:

  1. give particulars of the relevant information to the applicant in the way that the Minister considers appropriate in the circumstances; and
  2. ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the applicant understands why it is relevant to consideration of the application; and
  3. invite the applicant to comment on it.
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