Student Dependent Visa Processing Time

What is the normal processing time for a Student Dependent Visa ?.

Normal processing times can vary depending on the location of the applicant, and on the numbers of applicants at any specific time.

A current notice on one Embassy website is:

Processing times for Student subsequent entrant visa applications processed by New Delhi are currently longer than the published global visa processing timeframes across all sectors. We have received a high number of applications for subsequent entrant applicants and are seeking to process them as quickly as possible.

I saw one being granted 15 months after application.

Some applications take longer for various reasons.

I have seen some people being advised to wait until immigration request medicals, before getting them done. This can delay an application.

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The instructions on the same Embassy website says:

Important Information for Student Subsequent Entrant Visa Applicants.

The Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) prioritises complete applications where the applicant has also cleared Australia’s health requirements.

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