Tax Office Scam Number

How do you pay a Genuine Tax Bill?

The most common methods are BPay or Credit/Debit card, as explained at:

You NEVER pay by Gift Cards or cash to a stranger who says they are a tax collector.

You also never pay a policeman who is collecting for the Tax Office.

You CAN pay over the phone at this number: 1300 898 089 (the Government EasyPay service).
I suggest you search for “Australian Government EasyPay service” to check that number.

It is also available at the ATO website at:

If you are contacted to pay a tax bill, without getting an assessment from the ATO, or the payment method seems odd (pay us with Gift Cards etc.,) then consider it might be a scam.

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Check a Tax Scam

The Australian Tax office (ATO) dedicated scam phone number is 1800 008 540.

1800 calls are free calls.

You can report a scam at

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