Tax Return Deadline 31st October 2018

Final Day for Tax Return Time is getting closer.

Tax Returns must be lodged by 31st October 2018

Can an Australian Tax Return be lodged later than the Deadline?.

If you register to use any tax agent to do your return, they are normally able to stagger the returns later than the 31st October deadline.

You must be registered with a tax agent by 31st October in order to take advantage of this extended deadline.

  • Most registered tax agents have a special lodgment program and can lodge returns for their clients after the usual 31 October deadline. The due date will also depend on your personal situation. Contact your tax agent for advice.
  • If you’re using a tax agent for the first time, or using a different tax agent, you need to contact them before 31 October to take advantage of their lodgment program due dates.
  • ATO: Lodge with a registered tax agent
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