State School costs in Australia for Temporary Visa Holders

Cost for Children of Temporary Visa Holders Studying in Australian Schools.

The rules for the children attending school in Australia while on a Tourist Visa may be different for the different States in Australia, as each State has its own Education Department.
The following, based on Queensland regulations, can give you an idea of the rules, and costs involved.

Studying in Queensland, Australia while on a Temporary Visa.

The Department of Education and Training’s (DET) Temporary Residents Admissions Centre (TRAC) assists families with temporary resident visas to enrol in Queensland state schools. This includes those on Visitor Visas.
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Australian Education Costs for a Dependant of a Temporary Visa Holder (not Tourist).

These rules are based on Education in Queensland.

Most students holding temporary resident visas, including dependants of temporary visa holders, are required to pay fees to attend a Queensland state school, and these fees must be paid in advance.

2019 QLD Tuition Fees per week:.

$271 Prep-Year 6:
$278 Years 7-9
$293 Year 10
$332 Year 11
$341 Year 12

There is also an application Fee of: $262

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Australian Education Costs on a Tourist Visa.

These rules are based on Education in Queensland.

Fees for the duration of the enrolment are paid in advance.

The minimum period of enrolment is 2 weeks. Students on tourist visas cannot study for more than 13 weeks unless permitted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
Once the initial application has been processed, extensions may only be considered by Education Queensland International in extenuating circumstances.

2019 QLD Tuition Fees per week:.

$327 Prep-Year 6:
$358 Years 7-9
$377 Year 10
$426 Year 11
$450 Year 12

There is also an application Fee of: $262


Exemptions from Education Costs in Queensland.

The following Visa groups are shown as eligible for Exemption from International Fees, on the “DE International schedule of visa subclasses and enrolment conditions” a small, 4 page, PDF file.

159 Provisional Resident Return
173 Contributory Parent
188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)
300 Prospective Marriage
309 Partner (Provisional)
400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity)
401 Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)
403 Temporary Work (International Relations)
407 Training
408 Temporary Activity
444 Special Category Visa
445 Dependant Child
449 Humanitarian Stay (Temporary)
461 New Zealand Citizen Family Responsibility (Temporary)
476 Skilled – Recognised Graduate
482 Temporary Skill Shortage (previously 457)
485 Temporary Graduate
489 Skilled Regional (Provisional)
500 Student (exchange student)
785 Temporary Protection Visa
790 Safe Haven Enterprise
820 Spouse
884 Contributory Aged Parent
988 Maritime Crew


Studying in South Australia, Australia while on a Temporary Visa.

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