Travelling to Australia on a One Way Ticket

Can I travel to Australia on a one way ticket?

There is no requirement to have a return ticket when you arrive in Australia.

However,  some countries will not let you leave their country, on a flight to Australia, without a return ticket, if you are travelling on a temporary … Read the rest

Subclass 482 Visa Processing Times March 2021

These are the official times quoted by Australian Immigration, for the subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visas finalised in the month of March 2021.

Last updated: 19 April 2021 (for month ending March 2021)

Visa processing times are calculated from the date of application to the date of grant or … Read the rest

Temporary Work Visa Arrivals 2019-2021

Australian Temporary Work Visa Arrivals.

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed in Australia, the numbers of people actually arriving in the country has dropped dramatically.

The Australian Government began to place travel restrictions on those travelling to Australia from 1st February 2020.

The following chart shows an idea of … Read the rest

476 Visa Application Processing times

How long do 476 Visa Applications take to Process?.

The subclass 476 visa is the Skilled – Recognised Graduate Visa, which allows recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia for up to 18 months.
You must have completed a degree or higher qualification from a specified institution … Read the rest

Medical Insurance for Foreigners in Australia.

It is VITAL that foreigners on temporary visas, who are not eligible for Medicare in Australia, maintain suitable medical insurance while in Australia.

A news headline today is showing:

Ineligible for Medicare and unable to return to home, a temporary visa holder is facing a $500,000 medical bill.

This is … Read the rest

Reduction in Temporary Visa Grants after COVID-19

Will there be a reduction in the numbers of Australian Temporary Working Visas?

Kristine Keneally has called for a reduction in the migration intake after the covid-19 situation is over and Australian International borders open again. Her ideas target temporary visa holders.

Labor has called for an overhaul of the … Read the rest

Visa Changes during COVID-19

On the 4th April 2020 the Australian government announced policies and advice for various holders of visas in Australia.

Permanent visa holders are treated much the same as Australian Citizens for government benefits.

Temporary visa holders however are very different.  There are over 2 million temporary visa holders in Australia. … Read the rest

Temporary Visa Holders and the Economic Stimulus

Should Temporary Visa Holders get the Economic Stimulus?.

Advocacy groups are urging the federal government to come up with an economic package to help temporary visa holders in Australia.

More than two million people in Australia on temporary visas are facing the prospect of unemployment with no income support. the rest

Australian Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

Australian Temporary Graduate visa – subclass 485.

This visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution.

It lets you work in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies.

You must be in Australia when you apply, and at time of grant.

The Temporary … Read the rest