The Best AA Battery

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Double A “AA” batteries are just about the most popular sized battery that most of us use, so which brand is the best for us?

In a test of two battery brands:

  1. Energizer Max LR6 Made in: Singapore
  2. Ultracell Max LR6 Made in: China

On the Electronic game 250 mA, 1 h/da test, the batteries lasted for a very similar time:

  1. 8.28 Hours Energizer Max
  2. 8.24 Hours Ultracell Max

The Energizer brand had the slight advantage, so, do we buy Energizer ?

If they are that close in quality, then it must come down to price:

The Energizer Max AA battery is available in a pack of 20 for $19.86 from Big W ($0.99 each unit)

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The Ultracell Max AA battery is available in a pack of 20 for $6.99 from ALDI ($0.35 each unit)

I think I will buy mine from ALDI…


The full report of this test carried out by an Accredited Testing Laboratory is available at:



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