The six day school week in Australia

Six days a week at school if Julia Gillards wins !!!

Facebook has a lot to answer for.

I don’t when it began, but it sure has spread.

Someone, on Facebook, tells the world that if Julia Gillard wins, all school children in Australia will have to attend school 6 days a week.

Now that Julia Gillard has won, we have kids coming home from school thinking that it may happen.

From what I have seen, at some stage, a journalist asked Julia Gillard if she was interested in a 6 day school week, and from that it snowballs.

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Then it hits Facebook, and the entire school aged population gets access to that, and some believe it may actually happen.

There are days when I worry about the influence that some social media sites have on our children, and on some adults….


For the record…. There is NO PLAN for a six day school week.


(I hope) 🙂

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