Traffic Light Windscreen Washers in Australia

Fines for Windscreen Washers at Traffic Lights.

Most drivers in the City have, at some stage, had someone clean their windscreen, while waiting for the traffic lights to change, and then be asked to pay.

It can be frustrating for some, who didn’t want it done.

It might be worse for those who do it in future. The police have begun to issue fines for those who do it, as it is actually against the law in all Australia States.

The current fines  in some states are:

$76.00 NSW
$50.00 WA

Australian Road Rules: Part 14 Rules for pedestrians: Rule 236
236: Pedestrians not to cause a traffic hazard or obstruction
(4) A pedestrian must not stand on, or move onto, a road to:
(e) wash or clean, or offer to wash or clean, the windscreen of a vehicle.…/Australian-Road-Rules-19March2018.pdf

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The ACT have chosen to not follow that rule, and they now permit Windscreen Washers at Traffic Lights etc. It was illegal, but the Stanhope Labor government in 2004 changed a law to allow it again.…/7046046

An interesting story on this subject in May 2019.
Driver fined $50 for paying unsolicited windscreen washer.…/fined-over-1-50-perth-driver-to-fight-obscure-window-washer-charge-in-court-20190531-p51t3z.html

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