Brunnings Feed n Weed Mix Ratio

Brunnings Feed n Weed Dilution Mix Ratio.

Brunnings Feed n Weed appears to be a good solution to feeding lawns and helping to kill of grasses, but many people have issues with the hose on delivery system. Some find it does not add the chemical to the water, and after covering their lawn they find no chemical has been used.

Whether it is the fault of the user, or the system itself is up for debate. Some people find the system works, others say it doesn’t, and there are a fair number that complain about it.

So, how to use it if the hose on system does not work?.

Brunnings themselves have a recommended ratio mix on their website at

The basic ratio works out at 240 ml of chemical in a 5 litre sprayer or watering can.

Effectively 240ml of ‘Brunnings Feed n Weed‘ with 4.76 litres of water. This give a total of 5 litres of mixed product.

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Brunnings state that a 5 litre sprayer will cover 16 sq metres of lawn.

A 2.7 litre container covers 173 sq metres, and would be sufficient for 11 fillings of a 5 litre sprayer.  A 15 litre backpack garden sprayer might be better, for a larger garden.

This is a copy of their mix ratio at February 2020.
Brunnings Weed and Feed Dilution Mix Ratio

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