Travel Exemption Statistics during Covid

Travel Ban Exemptions during the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Statistics for Travel ban exemptions, for incoming travel between Oct 2020 and Jan 2021, under the ‘Compelling and Compassionate’ reasons group. This covers relationship applications.

An average of 907 exemptions each month were granted for Compelling and Compassionate Reasons, between Oct 2020 to Jan 2021.

An average of 1,504 per month were found to be exempt from restrictions, during Oct to Dec 2020, being assessed to be immediate family members of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Those two add up to an average of 2,411 each month being permitted entry.

Between Oct 2020 and Jan 2021 there were also 10,838 Grants and 11,252 Refusals for Critical Skills, National Interest and Medical treatment reasons.

There was a total of 14,468 grants and 46,445 refusals.

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Compelling and Compassionate Reasons:
3,630 granted.
35,303 refused.

Critical Skills (non medical)
9,736 Granted.
10,852 Refused.

Critical Skills (medical)
363 Granted.
92 Refused.

National Interest (including diplomats)
513 Granted.
11 Refused.

Urgent Medical treatment
226 Granted.
187 Refused.

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Originally posted 20th June 2020

About 80% of the Travel Exemptions applied for under compassionate grounds, appear to be granted.

Actual numbers,  released by tbe Dept of Home Affairs, shows that out of 996 requests for travel exemption on compassionate grounds, during 2nd Feb to 6th May, 801 were approved, and 195 rejected.

Travel exemptions on compassionate grounds would normally be granted to partners of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents, where the foreign partner has applied for a visa, and they are being kept separated due to the Coronavirus.


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