Tropical Cyclone Ita April 2014

Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita upgraded to category 5.

A cyclone warning is current for coastal areas from Lockhart River to Cairns and extending inland to areas including Kalinga, Laura, Palmerville and Mareeba.

Advice in preparation for Tropical Cyclone Ita.

Please share this post with any friends living in vulnerable coastal communities in TC Ita’s path.

  • For Cooktown and local environs if your home was built before 1985 there is a high risk that it may not withstand Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Ita.
  • You should think seriously about relocating to another location. Seek shelter with family or friends and if you can’t do that go to your local cyclone shelter.
  • If your home was built after 1985 it should be able to withstand the cyclone and you should be able to take shelter there.
  • If you intend to shelter in your house choose the location likely to be the most cyclone resistant, e.g. the bathroom.
  • Take the opportunity now to charge mobile phones and close off any apps or smartphones that you don’t need as they take up battery power.
  • Include batteries amongst the essential items in your emergency kit as well as sufficient drinking water and non-perishable food, medical supplies or medicines to cover for up to a week after the storm
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