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by: Stephenie Meyer

I was checking the prices of the Twilight books at the shops today, July 2009, and found them at KMart for $16.24 for one book, and $19.99 each for the other three. These were the paperback version marked “Special Edition”.

The cost of the Twilight series in Australia, for all four books, would have cost me $76.21 in paperback.

Before I looked at those prices, I had actually just ordered those four books in the Hardback version for about $75.00, from overseas, with free postage paid by the supplier.

The supplier is

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The titles in the four book pack are: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

The last time I bought from this company, the delivery was about 5 days.



Twighlight by Stephenie Meyer New Moon by Stephenie Meyer Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

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