Visa Processing Reductions due to COVID-19

The numbers of Offshore partner visas, student visas and skilled nominated visas appear to have seen massive reductions in grant numbers, following changes caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions.

Some grants are being finalised, but not many.

A statement from the Department of Home Affairs: “Visas continue to be processed during the coronavirus pandemic, though some applications may take longer as international shutdowns have made it difficult to source supplementary information like health and character checks.”

Offshore partner visas, student visas and skilled nominated visas have been the visa classes that are the worst affected.

Invitations for the skilled independent subclass 189 visa have dropped to only 50 in April 2020, down from 1,750 in March.

This works out at about 3% being granted, compared to earlier. A 97% drop.

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With the 309 Offshore partner visa applications, I watch forums for grant details, and when comparing March and April 2019, to March and April 2020, I have seen a 96% drop.

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