Visa Refusal and an AAT Appeal

AAT Appeal for Visa Refusals.

Some Australian visa applications are refused, for various reasons. As one example, about 10% of all partner visa applications are refused.

Some applicants feel that the refusal was wrong and they choose to appeal the decision of the Immigration department to refuse them.

That is their right, and the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) is set up for that reason.

AAT Appeal Fees.

There is an application fee for an appeal against most migration decisions, and this fee is currently (2019/20) $1,787.

If you are successful in your appeal, you will be refunded 50% of the fee paid. So the minimum cost for a successful appeal would normally be almost $900.

AAT Processing Times.

The times below show the median processing time from lodgement to finalisation, for AAT reviews that were finalised between November 2019 and April 2020.

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For all Visa types the median processing time was 612 days. ie: Half took under 612 days, and half took longer.

Different Visa types will be faster or slower than the overall average.

As can be seen from this table, the Partner Visa appeals took the longest time, while Bridging Visa appeals are very fast.

12 days Bridging
267 days Skill linked
367 days Other
433 days Student cancellation
501 days Visitor
617 days Student refusal
617 days Temporary work
639 days Permanent business
663 days Family
724 days Nomination/Sponsor approval
749 days Partner


Note: If the visa applicant or holder is in Australia, then they are the person who should apply for review. If the visa applicant is overseas, then in most cases the Australian sponsor, nominator or family member makes the application for review.

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