VOIP Telephone Services

VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol

This is the method that many people and companies are now using to keep the cost of telephone calls under control.

How does VOIP work, in simple terms?

You need an Internet connection to use the VOIP telephone service. This is normally provided by Telstra, Optus etc.
Your normal telephone plugs into a special connection, either a special VOIP box, or a port on your Internet Modem.
Your VOIP service provider then supplies your telephone service via the Internet.
Costs are normally much lower than normal telephone providers.

There are many VOIP providers, and many Internet providers can also now bundle a VOIP option with their services.

Engin is one example, and $19.95 per month gives me:

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  1. An extra telephone line.
  2. All landline calls within Australia free of charge.
  3. All calls to UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain all totally free of charge, together with another 13 countries at only 20 cents for each untimed call.

MY monthly costs are:

Telstra (for the line only) $24.15 per month, plus Engin (including all calls except to mobiles) $19.95 per month = $44.10 per month. This is of course on top of my Internet connection costs. I use my Telstra line for all incoming calls, so no change to my number, and I use the Engin line for all outgoing calls. It is handy now having the two phone lines, for only $44 pm including calls.

another option is:

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