Why do most Australians Buy Pet Supplies from Supermarkets?

Do you buy your Pet Supplies from Supermarkets?.

Some online stores say that Supermarkets and Pet shops are overpriced, and that you can save more on pet food online, with free shipping.

I saw an advert saying that and, as I wanted some MyDog 100g packs, I clicked on the advert.

I could get four of the 12 packs for $48.00 plus $10.95 shipping. (Total of $58.95)
or, after looking at their site for a while longer, four of the 12 packs for $49.68 with Free shipping.

With delivery in 6 days time.

My local Woolworths has them for $12 ,for a box of 12 packs, so just $48.00

It is easier, and cheaper, to get them while doing my normal shopping.

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These were the ones:

MyDog 100g

48 of these for $48.00

However, having said the above, I didn’t check these two online sources:


I just checked them now, and neither currently supply the MyDog pet food brand.

Big W had them for $50.00 (but 24 x Beef and 24 x Lamb)
I have even seen them on eBay, but at $76.28 with free delivery. (ouch)

Woolworths currently sell them individually at $1.00 each, so $12.00 for 12, even individually.

Woolworths show the RRP at $1.50 each, so 48 would be $96.00 at RRP.

$12.00 for 12 has been the highest price I have ever paid.  I have been lucky at times and got some for $7.00 for 12.

I decided to check Coles prices too;   $1.50 each, higher than Woolworths.
But they did boxes of 12 at $12.00, the same as Woolworths.

If supermarkets were always $1.50 each, no matter the quantity, then online might be better.  But in the last 4 years I have never paid over $1.00 each for them.


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