Worldwide Toilet Roll Shortage or Just Panic

Is there a Worldwide Toilet Paper Shortage?.

Or could it just be panic buying causing people to store toilet rolls in their houses, instead of them being on Supermarket shelves?

I asked in two supermarkets today when they will restock toilet paper, and both replied they will restock overnight, as usual. But they both added that they expect to sell out within the hour of opening, to panic buyers.  One did suggest that I order online, as that guarantees a supply.

The supermarkets are still getting the same amount of stock as normal, there is no shortage, other than that caused by some people buying too much.

There has been a lot of publicity about Australia being affected by this, with some asking if the rest of the world will get affected too.

It appears that the rest of the world might have been just as badly affected as Australia.

Hong Kong: 17th February 2020: Armed robbers in Hong Kong made off with hundreds of toilet rolls worth more than HKD1,000 (US$130; £98). Toilet rolls are currently in short supply in Hong Kong due to shortages caused by panic-buying during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Germany: 3rd March 2020: At the Edeka supermarket in Thedinghausen, a small county in Lower Saxony, purchasing toilet paper seems to be a mission impossible. The entire shelf for bathroom tissue and kitchen rolls is empty. Only soft tissues are available. No supermarket in the western part of Germany has looked that way since the early 1950s. Toilet Paper, Germany

Japan: 2nd March 2020: TOKYO – Panicked Japanese consumers are stripping shelves bare of toilet paper, as unsubstantiated rumors of shortages stemming from the new coronavirus epidemic circulate on social media.

United States: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area news segment reported on how some South San Francisco stores reported being sold of water and toilet paper. Target and Walmart are scrambling to replenish shelves with basics like canned goods, toilet paper and other household essentials.

Canada: Costco Canada sold out of toilet paper, paper towels and tissue.

Australia: Most supermarkets have few toilet rolls left for sale, within an hour after opening each day. In one store, 192,000 rolls were sold in half an hour. This would normally be enough for a full days trading, with plenty left at the end of the day.

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