2016 Census: Home Ownership and Renting Rates

Australian Home Ownership rates in 2016.

31.0% of residences are owned outright (No Mortgage) down from 41.1% in 1991
34.5% of residences are being bought with a Mortgage up from 27.5% in 1991
30.9% of residences are being rented up from 26.9% in 1991

Australian Home Types in 2016.

72.9% of residences are Separate Houses
13.1% of residences are Flats or Apartments
12.7% of residences are Semi-Detached or Terraced Houses
00.3% of residences are Separate Houses

The average number of people living in each household, in 2016, was 2.6 people.

Source: Census of Population and Housing 2016

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