Census 2016: Australian Median Weekly Household Income

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Australian Median weekly household income by Capital City.

$2,183 Greater Darwin, NT. Code 7GDAR (GCCSA)
$2,087 Canberra, ACT. Code CED801 (CED)
$1,750 Greater Sydney, NSW. Code 1GSYD (GCCSA)
$1,643 Greater Perth, WA. Code 5GPER (GCCSA)
$1,562 Greater Brisbane, QLD. Code 3GBRI (GCCSA)
$1,542 Greater Melbourne, Vic. Code 2GMEL (GCCSA)
$1,265 Greater Adelaide, SA. Code 4GADE (GCCSA)
$1,234 Greater Hobart, Tas. Code 6GHOB (GCCSA)

Source: 2016 Census Quick Stats

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