Census 2016: Australian Population by Capital City

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Australian Population by Capital City, at 2016.

4,823,991 Greater Sydney, NSW. Code 1GSYD (GCCSA)
4,485,211 Greater Melbourne, Vic. Code 2GMEL (GCCSA)
2,270,800 Greater Brisbane, QLD. Code 3GBRI (GCCSA)
1,943,858 Greater Perth, WA. Code 5GPER (GCCSA)
1,295,714 Greater Adelaide, SA. Code 4GADE (GCCSA)
222,356 Greater Hobart, Tas. Code 6GHOB (GCCSA)
196,037 Canberra, ACT. Code CED801 (CED)
136,828 Greater Darwin, NT. Code 7GDAR (GCCSA)

Source: 2016 Census Quick Stats

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