Electricity Price Changes July 2017

The Increase in Electricity Costs in Australia July 2017.

Are you reading about the massive rate rises for Electricity costs from 1st July 2017?

One energy expert has been quoted as saying “Consumers on the eastern seaboard could see retail electricity prices rise by as much as 30 per cent“.

But what is the real Electricity rise in your area?.

I checked mine after worrying about that 30%, and found it was a lot less than I was thinking.

The chart below shows the rise in the unit cost per kWh and the reduction in the daily charge.
Electricity Costs in Australia July 2017

My average usage is around 1,000 kWh per quarter.

The quarterly bill for 1,000 kWh over 91 days will rise from $372.45 to $383.91, a rise of 3.08%

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If my usage was double my actual, the bills would change from:
A quarterly bill for 2,000 kWh over 91 days would rise from $628.31 to $653.52, a rise of 4.01%

If I trimmed my use by 50%, by using advised power saving methods, it could be:
A quarterly bill for 500 kWh over 91 days would rise from $244.52 to $249.11, a rise of 1.88%

It made me wonder what the bill would be if I used no Electricity
A quarterly bill for ZERO kWh over 91 days would DROP from $116.59 to $114.30, a reduction of 1.96%

Have YOU checked what your energy supplier is changing the rates to?


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