Activating the Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband

Having problems activating the Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband ?.

Why are things not simple ?

Following the instructions seemed very easy, until it came time to ring the Dodo automated phone service.

Press 1 or Press 2 to do what is needed.

Well, I pressed 1 as I wanted to set up a new service. That was the beginning of my running round in circles… I should have pressed 2 for a non-Dodo customer.

Pressing 1 did eventually get me to the set up process for the model of modem stick that I was using, and I followed everything to the letter. But it did not activate. It also did not tell me to ring back and press 2 !!

I worked that out later, following a bit more reading, including some web site reading, and realised it had NOT asked me for the control number and IMEI number.

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In the meantime I found this page, and assumed this would activate me, well it does say Prepaid-Wireless/ActivateKit …

I entered all the details required, or asked for, and thought that’s it we are away 🙂

But we weren’t, so more reading… I then rang 13BIRD again, and this time pressed 2, and from then it was easy.

However…. some of my reading stated that activation would take 15 minutes, but the message on the 13BIRD line (132473) stated between 30 minutes and 24 hours. Apparently the message did use to say 15 minutes. Things must have changed.

It’s been 1 hour since I began to set this up, and I managed to activate it 5 minutes ago. I am now waiting for a text message to tell me when it is active. That part is a good service they give, so no need to keep sitting at the laptop waiting for it to change.

I have my fingers crossed.

Actually, while typing this page, I just received a text from Dodo saying it is active.. so I just nipped to the other room to check the laptop, and sure enough… the “connect” option is now available. I pressed connect.

But…. I was re-directed back to the Prepaid-Wireless/ActivateKit page, and had to enter some of the details again.

I am now waiting again…

OK, now I am getting fed up.

They should test these things with normal human beings before releasing them.

It was another little error. After the setup I decided I did NOT want to install the accelerator program that was available for free, therefore I did not click on NEXT, which I thought was to install it. However, it seems that I did need to click NEXT to finish the setup, and it was nothing to do with the “accelerator program” after all.

Anyway, it is now all done. And now I know what I am doing, it would be easy next time… but… where is the valium….. 🙂

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