ALDI Inverter Generator WK38 PD 50

ALDI have an interesting 4-stroke, unleaded petrol Generator available for $329. ( I thought it was just $79.99 when I first saw the advert – but I was wrong).

I checked the operating costs of this unit, based on petrol costs of $1.50 per litre.

At 66% of power usage, the cost of power works out at about $1 per hour.
This is based on the quoted consumption of 0.65 litres every hour at that usage rate.

ALDI Inverter Generator WK38_PD_50

These are the specifications of the unit:

  • Inverter technology to operate with sensitive equipment
  • Lightweight construction 2.7L fuel tank 4-stroke air cooled engine
  • Smart throttle engine for fuel saving
  • Fuel cap with vent lever for safe transportation
  • Continuous Power: (240V): 900W
  • Max. Power: (240V): 1,000W (S2 5 min)
  • Max. Power: 1.04 kW / 1.4 HP.
  • Power connection: (12 V d.c.): 70W
  • Rated voltage: 230 V / 12V d.c.
  • Rated current: 4A ~ / 6A (12V d.c.)
  • Frequency: 50Hz. 1 cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled engine
  • Displacement: 52.6 cm3
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol
  • Tank capacity: 2.7L with lockable feature
  • Consumption at 2/3 load: approx. 0.65L/h
  • Net weight 13.0kg
  • Digital inverter technology to operate with sensitive equipment
  • Ventilation for continuous operation
  • Features/ Includes: carry handle for easy transportation, stable supporting stand, safety tripping element for equipment protection, economy switch for quiet and sparing work, 1 x 240V socket, for easy current drain, 1 x 12V connection with adapter cable for cigarette lighter plug, integrated fuel tap, reversing starter
  • Material: PP housing
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