ALDIMobile and Telstra 2G

Telstra 2G & 2100MHz Network is being discontinued.

ALDI Mobile use Telstra to supply their mobile service and the 2G and 2100MHz network will be closing on 1st December 2016.

Some ALDIMObile users are getting an email such as this:

You are receiving this email as our records indicate that you have recently accessed the 2G network from a mobile phone is only capable of accessing the 2100MHz network.

One suggestion is:

You need to replace your handset by 1st December 2016 if you want to continue using your service; your handset should be compatible with the 850MHz network.

However, one quick question before you do this:

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Do you have a DUAL SIM phone?.

If Yes, then move your ALDI/Telstra SIM to the SIM slot 1, and not SIM slot 2.

Most dual SIM phones have a primary SIM and a secondary SIM and only the primary one works on 3G/4G. The 2nd SIM is only 2G.

This may fix the problem, without needing a new phone.

More information on 2G at:

This image shows two SIMS in use, one as GSM =2G the other as WCDMA/GSM = 3G and 2G

This image shows the selection for 2G that needs to be changed

This image states that only ONE SIM can use 3G
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