Amico The Garden Managers, Queens Park, NSW 2022

Amico The Garden Managers, Queens Park 2022.

Amico The Garden Managers, Queens Park NSW. Telephone: 1300 42..

Contact: Amico The Garden Managers.

20 Bourke Street
Queens Park

Tel: 1300 427 336

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Designing and maintaining a garden is not as easy as some might think. A lot of knowledge, skills, and tools are needed for maintaining a beautiful garden, which is why most people decide to call Amico. There, you will be provided with a great team of gardening specialists, who know how to maintain a garden, deal with smaller and bigger plans, and even design a garden.
Amico earned its reputation by sending out a team of well-trained landscape gardening specialist, who have the knowledge and the skills to improve or design your garden. They also offered other services, such as turfing, creating a full irrigation system or fixing the existing one.
Besides the gardening service, you will also have an option to purchase beautiful and unique pots, both for the inside and out. Amico offers a lot of pretty plants as well, so if you want an attractive and well-maintained garden, you know who to call.

Government Registrations and Licences.

ABN: 29 370 084 090 – see details at:

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