Australia China Overseas Trade

In 2017/18 China was Australia’s number one export market. It was also the largest source of international students, the most valuable tourism market, a major source of foreign direct investment and the largest agricultural goods market.

In 2017/18 Australian exports to China were $123.3b, whilst the imports from China were $71.3b.

Australia’s largest export markets in 2017/18 were China $123.3b (30.6%), Japan $51.3b (12.7%), South Korea $23.6b (5.9%), US $21.4b (5.3%), India $21.1b (5.2%)

Australia’s largest import markets were China $71.3b (18%), US $48.8b (12.3%), South Korea $28.7b (7.3%), Japan $26.3b (6.6%)

Another source of data, but in US Dollars:

Australian exports from China was US$87.73 Billion during 2018 (

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Australian imports from China was US$57.7 Billion during 2018 (

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