Australia Entry Ban and Quarantine.

The Australian Prime Minister has announced that anyone arriving in Australia from overseas will to be forced to self-isolate for 14 days.

International cruise ships will also be banned from docking in Australia for 30 days.

These new measures will be in force from midnight (AEDT) Sunday 15th March 2020.

What is Self Isolation?.

A NSW government statement included this:

Once you get to your home or hotel you must restrict activities outside your home/hotel, except for seeking medical care. You should not go to work, school/university/childcare, the gym, or public areas, and you should not use public transport, taxis, or ride-sharing services.

If you are sharing your home with others, as much as possible, you should:

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  • remain separated from others
    wear a surgical mask when you are in the same room as another person.
  • use a separate bathroom, if available.
  • avoid shared or communal areas and wear a surgical mask when moving through these areas.

Make sure that you do not share a room with people who are at risk of severe disease, such as elderly people and those who have heart, lung or kidney conditions, and diabetes.

People who do not have an essential need to be in the home should not visit while you are in isolation.

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