Frozen and Tinned Food Shortages.

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The next Supermarket shortgages.

Toilet rolls are back on our shelves,  courtesy of the one pack per person rule.

But, the supermarkets freezers are emptying out faster now.

People NEED something to stockpile, just in case they can’t get back to the shops. Or, just in case people panic buy and stockpile, leaving nothing left for others.

So, frozen food, tinned food and long lasting packed food is now disappearing from the shelves, and filling home freezers and pantries.

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Rice, Pasta, Sugar, Flour.  All these, plus more, could be in short supply when the stores open every day, soon after the store shelves are refilled overnight.

All the frozen vegetables had disappeared from my local supermarket yesterday afternoon.

The fresh food stores,  fruit and veg shops etc. , still had plenty, so there is no real issue, unless you prefer frozen to fresh.

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