Australian and New Zealand Flags

Similarities of Australian and New Zealand Flags.

This flag was designed in 1849 by the English born Reverend John West in Tasmania. It was used by the Australian Anti-Transportation League from 1851.Australian Anti-Transportation League Flag

The flag design is similar to some notable later flags, including the New Zealand flag and the Australian flag.

Flag of New Zealand.

The current New Zealand flag was adopted for use on New Zealand ships in 1869, was adopted as New Zealand’s national flag, and given statutory recognition in 1902.

In 2015 the New Zealand Parliament began a binding referendum on a flag change and 56.6% of of the 2.1 million votes were to retain the current flag. 43.1% preferred an alternative BBC News.
New Zealand flag

Flag of Australia.

The Australian flag’s original design (with a six-pointed Commonwealth Star) was first flown in Melbourne on 3 September 1901. The seven-pointed commonwealth star version was introduced by a proclamation dated 23 February 1908.
Australian Flag

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