Australian Internet Filter

In 2008 the Australian government proposed a mandatory filtering system of all websites that may be refused classification under Australian regulations.

This proposal has a lot of opposition, with many concerns about how it would actually work, and whether it would do what it intended, or whether it would be extended much further than that.

In theory, I feel that a system such as that would be good, however, putting it into practice, and only doing what I feel would be correct, may be nigh on impossible.

Consequently, I take things into my own hands and revert to parental control software.

The Australian Political parties views on the Australian Internet Filter are:

Labor ALP:

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Gillard backs internet filter


Coalition vows to block internet filter


This Internet filter has been gathering a few interesting, unofficial names such as: Great Australian Firewall, Rabbit Proof Firewall, Firewall Australia, Great Firewall Reef amongst others.

A selection of personal filters if required:

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