Australian Leaders on Holiday while Australia Burns

Australian Leaders on Holiday while Australia Burns.

Australian State Premiers, together with their Emergency Services Ministers, are responsible for overseeing the Bushfire fighting activities in Australia.

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister, was slammed for his Hawaiian holiday, even though these things are not his prime responsibility.

But, where were the other leaders?

Queensland’s Labor leader is on a CRUISE as 45 bushfires burn in her state but claims it’s OK because ‘she’s still in Australia’ – after Scott Morrison was slammed for his Hawaiian holiday.  Daily Mail

NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliott finally returns from holiday amid bushfire crisis.

Green activists have targeted Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his Hawaii trip, but nothing bad to say about Queensland’s Labor leader, Ms Palaszczuk, on her 45 day holiday.

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She is still in Australia and can be contacted by phone.

Funny that, I thought they had phones in Hawaii too..  I could swear that Scott Morrison was on the phone, just like Ms Palaszczuk.

I guess that David Elliott, who was on holiday in Europe, also had access to a phone.

They do have phone systems in the US and Europe don’t they?


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