Bringing Meat into Australia

Can we Bring Meat into Australia?.

Who knows, is probably the best answer, although Fresh meat is definitely not allowed.  But Meat can include Dried meat.

I work on the basis that nothing is permitted, but if I decide to bring any food at all, I declare it, and see what they say. If it is OK, I keep it, if not they destroy it. No fines etc.

They only fine you for not declaring, even if you are actually allowed to bring it.

An example of travel agency advice on this is:

    • Meat, like fruit and vegetables, is firmly denied entry into Australia.
    • Products such as steak, chicken, poultry, pork, jerky, biltong and salami will all be confiscated at the border.
    • However, meat jerky from Indonesia is allowed, as long as certain conditions are met.

An example of Australian Government advice on this is:

    • Personal import of commercially manufactured and retorted meat products is permitted. The products must be in cans, jars or retort pouches and must be shelf stable (not require refrigeration or freezing to maintain quality).
    • Jerky and biltong derived from pig meat brought in for personal use will no longer be permitted and is considered to pose a high biosecurity risk.
    • Meat jerky/biltong is allowed into Australia if the product is commercially prepared and packaged and arrives into Australia in sealed (unopened) packaging and is under 1 kilogram total.

Read more of the official rules at:…/can-you-bring-it-in/…/food

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