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The Six hottest days in Brisbane during the 2008/09 Summer (Dec 2008 to Feb 2009) were:

  • 36.1 øC 9th Feb 2009
  • 34.9 øC 31st Dec 2008
  • 34.2 øC 13th Dec 2008
  • 33.9 øC 1st Jan 2009
  • 33.4 øC 6th and 7th Dec 2008

The maximum temperatures in Brisbane, during the 2008/09 Summer, varied as follows:

  • 42 days less than 30 øC
  • 21 days between 30 øC and 30.9 øC
  • 13 days between 31 øC and 31.9 øC
  • 11 days between 32 øC and 33.9 øC
  • 2 days between 34 øC and 34.9 øC
  • 0 days between 35 øC and 35.9 øC
  • 1 days above 36 øC (at a maximum of 36.1 øC)

More Brisbane weather history can be seen at:

It should be noted that temperatures will vary in different locations of Brisbane.

An example of this is shown in the Redlands weather Station, which is sometimes classed as Brisbane. On the 9th Feb, when Brisbane had the hottest day at 36.1 øC, the maximum recorded at the Redland site was only 32.4 øC.

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Brisbane November 2009

A range of temperatures all around the Brisbane area at Noon on 17th November 2009.

The range appears to be between 27 øC to 42 øC, depending on location. the Bayside areas appear to be about 8 øC or so cooler.

Brisbane Temperatures Noon 17th Nov 2009
Brisbane Temperatures Noon 17th Nov 2009


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