Buying a BBQ

Today is the day that I begin to choose a new BBQ. My current one, a 6 burner from Kmart, that we bought 7 years ago, has decided it no longer wants to ignite.

It may just be the ignition things (very technical, I know), but it’s old now, and the new ones look much better.

A TV program recently had some info, and here is a clip from it:

I’ve just seen this Electric BBQ for $400… but with an RRP of $1,100

Dimplex Powerchef Electric BBQ EBQ Deluxe

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Kmart currently has a few Jackaroo BBQ’s including the 4 Burner Flinders for $299.
 Kmart Jackaroo Flinders 4-burner for $299

But I really do want Stainless Steel Grill Plates…

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