Buying Books in Australia

The price of books in Australia is very high, and it appears that it is going to stay high, due to the system here. It isn’t the booksellers making massive profits, but other reasons that I will be checking fully into shortly.

However all is not lost…

You can buy over the Internet with FREE delivery to Australia, at the very low UK prices.

An example of one of my own purchases recently.

The 2010 school book list had the book “The Outsiders by S E Hinton” as a required purchase for next year.
The price here in Australia is $19.95 at the bookshop, or down to about $15.00 + postage online. (total price was $21.71 inc delivery) You can check some Australian example Internet prices at

I bought it from the Book Depository in the UK, for œ6.29, and my credit card was charged with $12.00

Agoda Hotel Bookings
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The book arrived within 1 week.

Another recent purchase was the full set of the Twilight Books, for which I got the hardback cover set for $1 less than the paperback set in Australia. I could have got the paperback set much cheaper, but chose to get the hardback cover version.

This is where I bought from… and they have offered many people, especially British Migrants “in the know”, excellent service.

Book categories with FREE Worldwide delivery at excellent prices

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