Can I work on a Bridging Visa?

I’ve applied for a partner visa, and have been told I will get a bridging visa when my current visa expires. My current visa does not allow me to work and I’ve been told that the bridging visa will have the same work conditions as my last visa. Does this mean I can’t work until the partner visa is granted.

As you are applying for a Partner Visa, which is a Permanent Visa, you should normally get full working rights.

Australian Bridging Visas

Nearly all bridging visas are applied for automatically as part of applying for a substantive visa.

It is a temporary visa until your new visa application is decided.

A bridging visa normally comes into effect when your current temporary substantive visa ceases, and it normally has the same conditions of that previous temporary visa.

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However, when applying for a Permanent Visa, that restriction does not normally apply. You will normally get full working rights.

I have also read that a BVA issued for these visa subclasses will have full working rights: (132, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 485, 491, 494, 801, 804, 820, 864, 884, 888)


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