Centrelinks 104 week waiting period

Centrelinks Newly arrived resident’s 104 week waiting period.

For many new arrivals to Australia there is a waiting period of 104 weeks, 2 years, before becoming entitled to any government social security benefits.

NOTE: The 2 year waiting period has been increased to 4 years, for those whose residence visa or specified visa subclass is granted on or after 1 January 2019.

These statements are taken from one of the Australian Government Department of Social Services websites.

A newly arrived resident’s waiting period applies to people who have not been Australian residents and in Australia for a period of, or periods totalling, 104 weeks (i.e. two years).
Periods spent in Australia as an Australian resident, at any time in a person’s life, can be counted towards the waiting period.

Refugees and their immediate family members (partners and dependent children) are exempt from the newly arrived resident’s waiting period.

Under a Ministerial determination the holders of permanent spouse/partner visas (visa subclasses 100 and 801) or interdependency visas (visa subclasses 110 and 814) are exempt from the newly arrived resident’s waiting period (and from the two year residence requirement for Parenting Payment and Widow Allowance).

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What is the definition of an Australian resident.

An Australian resident is a person who is living in Australia and is either:

an Australian citizen
a permanent visa holder, or
a protected Special Category visa (SCV) holder


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